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    Storytelling has always been a big part of my life. As an audiobook narrator, I get to tell a story, be everyone in it, and make a book more accessible to someone who might not otherwise have picked it up. Many of the books I've recorded are loaded with valuable, godly precepts and information to help you navigate your walk with Christ--yes, even and especially the fiction books!

    I am passionate about spiritual warfare and helping women discover their godly identities and break through the lies that have held us back from fully living the abundant life that Jesus sacrificed Himself to give us.  It was from that fire that the Lost in the Woods Fairy Tales Podcast was born. Sometimes, all it takes to put your life into perspective and inspire you to take the next step forward is hearing your complicated life told back to you in the form of a deceptively simple story.


    Only God could have invented a career for me that uses everything I have and gives me so much creative freedom. I'm beyond grateful for the way He's made for me.

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